YMKN Royalty


Todd Maas


Danielle Griffin


The "Year of Excess!"

The King Maas Coat of Arms

The King’s Message, The Year of Excess

My King’s banner represents what is most important in my life. The cross signifies my life-long close relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ. Also represented is the wonderful family God blessed me with – my beautiful wife and three daughters. The concrete truck on my crest depicts my life in the construction industry and ultimately how I was introduced to the Krewe of Neptune – by my good friend and brother, Donnie Coffman, (who I miss dearly). The fourth symbol is of Chief Osceola, the Icon and mascot for the Florida State Seminoles. The Seminoles are a big part of my life, and I have been attending their games for the past 30 years.

My theme is The Year of Excess. By definition, it’s something that lacks moderation in an activity – especially eating, drinking and friendships. I hope during my year as your King, we can strive for excess in many ways. Yes, eating and drinking in excess should come easy – but most important to me are the friendships we have in our Krewe, and the ones that we continue to develop.

Ye Mystic Krewe of Neptune is a family. When we share, understand, and respect each other’s differences, we develop deeper friendships – friendships that will last a life time. And because all of you are my brothers and sisters, that is the part of our Krewe life I truly hope we all achieve excess in. So, I encourage everyone to go beyond moderation and apply your personal excess in all our Krewe activities, as it could result in the best year of your life!

Neptunus Rex XXXVIII proclaims

The Year of Excess!

Ladies Of The Court

2017 - 2018

Lauren Griffin

Jenna Laughlin

Brenda Morgan

Molly Nelson

Nadia Persaud

Shay Persaud

Sunita Persaud

Cassie Roy


Each year Ye Mystic Krewe of Neptune selects a King and Queen as its reigning royalty. These monarchs are joined by a Court of selected young ladies who appear with the King, Neptunus Rex, and the Queen, Amphitrite, at all the Krewe functions.

Qualifications for Court membership include: ladies must be between 21 and 30, unmarried and no children. The minimum age can be reduced to 18 in the case of being a Krewe member's daughter or stepdaughter.

If any young lady has previously been a member of the Court and she wishes to represent the Krewe again on the new Court, she must complete an application as if she was a brand new applicant.

The Krewe will sponsor an Annual Court Tea. Prospective members will learn about the Krewe, its history, membership and its events. For this reason, prospects are obliged to attend the Tea. The time and location will be announced.

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