Officers & Board

Officers and Board Members

The Board of Directors is the official governing body of Ye Mystic Krewe of Neptune. It is responsible for the day to day business activities and oversees its various committees and special events.

The Board is elected by the membership at the annual meeting of members held every April. An elected term is for a period of three consecutive years. Each year five Board members retire and are replaced by five newly elected directors.

The first activity of a new Board each year is to elect its Captain and Line Officers. This Executive Board then appoints the chairmen of the various committees which are responsible for the conduct of the business and activities of the Krewe.

Elected or appointed members of the Board are entitled to wear the official Officer's uniform during their period of service on the Board and thereafter. After two years of faithful service, they are awarded the distinguished Order of Neptune (ON) at the Coronation Ball.

The Board meets on the first Thursday of every month at The Cove. All members in good standing are welcome to attend the Board meetings.

Board of Directors

Captain Stuart Simm

Line Officers

AL Guenthardt

Executive Officer

Steve Beaty


Tony Shams


Chris Fitzpatrick


Board of Director

First Year Director

Jim Chapman

Bob Hill

Al Guenthardt

John Tucker

Rodney Rohrs

Tim Doerner

Second Year Director

Stuart Simm

Steve Beaty

Mike Wyckoff

Peter Klinkenberg

Randy Hughes

Third Year Director

Chris Fitzpatrick

Tony Shams

Mike Vinci

Raj Persaud

Other Director

Kevin McWilliams - King

Tom Fisher - Past King

Randy Hughes - Captain Emeritus

Committee Chairman

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