Chef de la Krewe

The Chef de la Krewe competition involves four unique cooking teams (PODs) with five members each. Each POD prepares a full five course meal (appetizer, salad, soup, entree and desert) of their own unique epicurean entries which are based upon their PODs unique theme. Each of their meal course entries will be judged head to head against the other competing teams entries be judged by four of the area's most noted chefs – as well as their Krewe mates and friends.

The winners of each of the course category are recognized at the conclusion of the event for their submissions. However, there can be only one over all winner of the event, and that honor is bestowed upon the member's entry that is judged by the professional chefs to be the “Best of the Best” – and thus Ye Mystic Krewe has found their next "Chef de la Krewe".

The winner of the “Chef de la Krewe” event is never announced until the Coronation Ball held in November, when the Krewe’s new Chef is announced and receives the Krewe’s coveted Chef Jacket from the Krewe's King.

The following is a list of all of the Krewe's former Chefs de la Krewe.

2019 Chef De La Krewe

Steve Beaty

The History of Chef de la Krewe

At the command of the King, each year in the fall Ye Mystic Krewe of Neptune hosts the famous “Chef de la Krewe” event. The coveted “Chef” award is highly sought after each year as members vie in serious competition to be selected as the Krewe's best chef for his individual meal course entry.

Former Chef de la Krewe Winners

2018 John Tucker

2017 Jim Piloian

2016 Larry Growney

2015 Tony Shams

2014 K.C. Clark

2013 Mike Wyckoff

2012 Tony Shams

2011 Jim Terry

2010 Jeff Etter

2009 Alan Zimkus

2008 Scott Charlton

2007 Gary Greer

2006 Art Sciarrotta

2005 Todd Maas

2004 Dave Ansel

2003 Sam Barfield

2002 Dennis Cline

2001 Eric Long

2000 Clayton Kreis

1999 Keith Robinson

1998 Jeff Bulson


      • Ken Burnside,
      • Scott Smith
      • Dennis Smith

1996 Sandy Hall

1995 Merill King

1994 Matt Bryant

1993 Lucky Levittino

1992 Carl Hall

1991 Paul Martin

1990 James Davis, Sr.

1989 Dudley Savage

1988 Peter Passmore

1987 Del Goforth

1986 Jack Jacoby

1985 Lebron Free

1984 Glenn Mouton

1983 Phil O'Connell

Bob Williamson

1982 Robert Nies

1981 James Robinson