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Q: What does "Numquam Ludimus" mean?

A: YMKN's motto is a Latin phrase that dates back many years... roughly translated to english, it means "We never have any fun!". Of course, this can be interpreted many ways, so it is best to ask a member.

Q: I might be interested in joining the Krewe. Who can I contact for additional information?

A: Contact the YMKN membership chairman Peter Klinkenberg, Membership Chairman,

Q: How do I update my contact information? (phone, mailing and email addresses)

A: Use this link to update your contact information: UPDATE PROFILE

Q: How can I contact the YMKN Web Master?

A: Contact Tony Shams at

Q: Who would be the person to contact to find out if The Cove is available for a meeting on a particular day?

A: Contact Tom Callahan at 727.480.7825 or by email at

Q: How do I join a committee?

A: Contact either the committee chairman directly or Captain Gordon Krueger at

Q: When are the YMKN board meetings held?

A: Board meetings at held the first Thursday of every month at The Cove at 7:00 PM. All members are welcome to the meeting.

Q: I am a new member. Where do I get my coin?

A: Contact the YMKN membership chairman Peter Klinkenberg, Membership Chairman,

Q: I am unhappy about a krewe related issue, how do I get the situation resolved?

A: If the issue relates to a specific member, call or email Captain Gordon Krueger at 727-641-7539 or Your comments will be kept in strict confidence. If the issue is more general, attend the next monthly board meeting and express your opinion to the board of directors during the "new business" section of the agenda.


Q: Where do I get beads for the parades?

A: Orders for throw beads can be placed through the YMKN store on this website. All beads you purchase will be billed to your krewe account. Prior to each parade, a BEAD PICKUP day will be announced for you to pickup your beads at the cove and load them onto the float. Beads are no longer sold at bead sales as done the past, all beads purchased must be ordered through the YMKN store.

Q: Where do I store my beads on Son of Flipper for the parades?

A: It is HIGHLY recommended that all members rent a bead locker aboard the float. Bead lockers are available on a first come, first serve basis. Cost is $25.00 per year.

Q: During Krewe parades, I understand the Krewe beads are traded. How does this work?

A: Every year, YMKN has a special metal medallion custom made for our Krewe for the year. Cost of these are approximately $6.00 each. Typically, if you trade these metal medallions for other Krewe medallions at events, the best trade is trading a metal medallion for a metal medallion. Some Krewe do not have metal medallions, but of course, you make the final decision. If something interests you, by all means trade.

Q: How do we get to the parades?

A: Each parade is different, and details will be sent via email prior to every event.

Q: During the parade, who is in charge of the event if I have a question or problem?

A: The committee chairman for the event is the one who is in charge of the event. If the chairman is not available, find the Captain Gordon Krueger.

Q: During the parade, can I walk around with a beer bottle or beer can?

A: No. All drinks including beer must be in cups. No exceptions.


Q: Where do I get a uniform?

A: Go to the Uniform Order page shown at the top for general information about your uniform. Click here for details (the link should go to the Uniform Order page)

After reviewing, contact KC Clark at or at (727)647-2527

Q: The sun is hot and intense. Can I wear a baseball hat or visor during the parade so I do not get sunburned?

A: No. The only head gear allowed as part of the seaman's uniform is the new YMKN endorsed “Washed Black Unstructured Fiddler” hat. (it should go to the New Link to buy the hat: You can request an iron-on trident patch form the quartermaster, KC or at (727)647-2527

Q: These shirts are light weight. What do I do if it is cold or raining?

A: You may wear a long sleeve solid white or navy color collarless shirt underneath your uniform.

Q: I have off-white pants, can I wear those? White pants are not easy to find, where do I buy them?

A: No, pants must be black – no jeans or cargo style pants.

Q: It is hot out. Can I wear shorts?

A: It is up to the parade chairman to determine if shorts can be worn. Traditionally, shorts are allowed only in the St. Patrick's, Bradenton, and Chasco parades.

Q: I am a reinstated member. Can I wear my old seaman's uniform?

A: No. Seaman's uniforms were dramatically changed for the 2019 parade season. No shirts or neck ties used during parades prior to the 2019 parade season may be worn.

Q: How much do uniforms cost?

A: As a new member, your uniform shirt and blue sash are included as part of your initiation fee. If you are a reinstated member, you must purchase a new uniform (like all members did in 2006). Cost of the shirts and sash are around $69, so your account will be billed $69 in total. The optional Washed Black Unstructured Fiddler hats can be purchased here:

Q: Where can I get more information on uniforms?

A: If you have any further questions, please refer to the YMKN web site at and click on "Uniform Order" at the top of the page. You may also contact quartermaster KC Clark at or at (727)647-2527

Financial FAQ

Q: How are payments applied to my account?

A: Any payment you make, regardless of what you think it’s for, is automatically applied to your oldest outstanding invoices first. Example: you have an outstanding $20 invoice for St Pat’s beads and another for a $30 shirt. You send a $447.50 check in mid June for what you think is half the dues. The computer applies $20 of your payment to the St Pat’s bead bill, then $30 to the shirt bill and the balance of $397.50 to your dues. The result is your dues are not current and after July 1st, 60 days past invoice date, the Bylaws assess you a $25 late fee.

Q: What does “member in good standing mean?”

A: From a financial point of view, it means to be able to attend Krewe events, all bills must be paid within 60 days of invoice date per the Bylaws.

Q: If you receive an invoice and don’t think a charge is correct, what do you do?

A: If you dispute a charge, don’t call the Purser. Call the event chairman. The Purser charges you for whatever the event chairman reports. If you think there’s an error, check with the event chairman and have him tell the Purser to make an adjustment. The Purser has no authority to issue a credit without chairman approval. Further, you have 30 days from the invoice date to dispute a charge – it’s written on the bottom of every invoice – if you have a problem, get with the event chairman as soon as you get an invoice.

Q: What are the late fees?

A: Effective February 1, 2007, late fees are charged on any balance in your krewe account that is more than 30 days old. Late fees will amount to 1.5% per month.

Late fees will be assessed after an invoice is generated if it remains unpaid 30 days later. This means that payments must be received within that 30 day period to avoid late fees.

In addition, the krewe assesses a $25 per month fee for unpaid dues which is in addition to the 1.5% per month.

Q: Who decides on how much money is allocated to each of the events?

A: The finance committee chaired by the Krewe’s Purser, creates an annual budget based on dues revenue, bead and shirt sales and fixed expenses like the Cove, float maintenance, insurance, etc. Staying within budget for each event is the responsibility of each event chairman.


Q: I’m a YMKN court girl. If I have a question about which events I need to go to, or questions about a particular event, who do I ask?

A: On the website each event is listed in the YMKN Calendar of Events in the page menu. Find the event in the calendar, click on it, and the event chairman is listed with his contact email information. The event chairman would be the best place to start for event particulars, or contact Todd Maas, our current King, for general court questions at

Q: Where do I get a copy of the Court Handbook?

A: There is a link to the document on this website located in the MEMBER INFORMATION / FORMS & ADDRESSES section.. The Court Handbook also can be found on the "Our Royalty" page at the page bottom.

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