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YMKN Uniform Guidelines


 Seaman's Uniform

Shirt White Shirt with Horizontal Strips Tucked In
Neckerchief Solid Red Around Neck
Slacks White
Belt Black
Shoes Black
Head Cover YMKN Skull Cap or YMKN Baseball Hat
Decorations Order of Neptune Medal Only
Cold Weather Coat Navy Pea Jacket

Officer's Uniform

Shirt                         White Shirt (Tuxedo or Ruffled)
TieBlack Wrap Around
SlacksWhite Knickers with Knee Length White Socks
HatBritish Officers Hat or YMKN Skull Cap
JacketDark Jacket (black or navy) with custom trim & buttons.

All members who wish to march in the parades must conform to the Official Krewe Uniform Description.

Not allowed are Non-YMKN baseball caps or other items the Master at Arms feels does not conform to our uniform standards.

Face Makeup Optional.