Order of Neptune

The "Order of Neptune" (ON) is the cherished reward bestowed upon members of the Krewe of Neptune who have distinguished themselves by being elected or appointed to the Board of Directors and serving for a minimum of two years.

It is also awarded by the Board of Directors to others who have rendered outstanding service to the krewe.

Members of the "Order of Neptune" are privileged to wear uniforms fashioned after British Naval Officers of the 19th century.

Membership in the Order is symbolized by the Krewe Medallion shown above suspended by a tri-color ribbon which is presented to eligible members each year at the Coronation Ball by the reigning King Neptunus Rex.

The King's Medallion is suspended by a ribbon of purple, the color of Majesty.

The Captain's Medallion is suspended by a ribbon of Aegean Blue, which symbolized the Krewe's relationship with the sea and the Captain's authority.