Captain's Award

Captain's Award Winners

2018: Tom Callahan
2017: K.C. Clark
2016  Ed Nolan
2015: Mike Wyckoff
2014: Al Delisle
2013: Alan Zimkus
2012: Gary Greer
2011: Jeff Bulson
2010: Frank Joseph
2009: Don Coffman
2008: Tom Maguire
2007: Steve Tondreault
2006: Nick Touchton
2005: Dennis Regan
2004: Jack Jacoby
2003: Tom Mumford
2002: Tom Phillips
2001: Sam Barfield
The Captains' Distinguished Service Award is presented at our Krewe's annual Change of Command event.

First awarded in 2001, the current and past Captain's meet to choose the recipient of this award and take into consideration the many outstanding contributions he has given to the Krewe. The recipient must be of the Order of Neptune (having served on the board for at least two years), and is a member in good standing.

2017/2018  Captain's Award Winner
Tom Callahan


Congratulations and thank you for your year's of service to the Krewe!