YMKN Flags and Burgees Are Now Available For Purchase!

Some of our YMKN members has requested making a YMKN Krewe flag and burgee available that could be displayed at events (e.g. hotel balconies in Bradenton, etc…), or even left behind at special locations that our members visit (e.g. – a burgee left at Froggy’s in the BVI’s, for example). As a result we’ve created a number of different YMKN flags and burgees that can be purchased by our members. See the different options below. We are providing a PayPal option that can be used to purchase and pay for the flags. 
You can have the flags mailed to you via the USPS ($5.00 per order), or they can be delivered at an upcoming board meeting. 

The flags are nylon and they have two grommets on them. The logos are printed on one side of the flag in a high quality vinyl material. 
The flags are available in either portrait or landscape orientation and their sizes are: 

Flag - 24" (H) * 36" (W) 

Burgee - 12" (W) * 18" (W) 

You MUST PLACE YOUR ORDER BY June 24th, 2014 to get these flags. 

You can order any number of the flags and burgees that you would like. 
Just use the PayPal button below, select the flag / burgee that you want, the quantity, etc... and your order will be processed.  
We must charge Florida State Sales Tax on these items (7%)


Use the button below to place your order. 
Select options from the drop down boxes below.

 If you have any questions regarding these flags, 
contact Jeff Etter at Jetter9@Gmail.com. 
Flag - 24" * 36"

portrait or vertical set up

landscape or horizontal set up

12" (W) * 18" (W)

If you have any questions regarding these flags,
contact Jeff Etter at Jetter9@Gmail.com.